Immersive. Flexible. Diverse. 

Calli is a gathering place for language learners of all ages and backgrounds; kids, retirees, backpackers and expats. We offer diverse and vibrant learning environments that allow our students to feel supported, at ease and ready to learn.


Flexible, personalized learning.
$ 2,499 Pesos / 10 hours a week 
INTENSIVE $ 4,999 Pesos / 20 hours a week


(2-3 students)
$ 1,999  pesos / 10 hours a week
INTENSIVE $ 3,999 / 20 hours a week
(Price per person)


(4-6 students)
$1,499 Pesos / 10 hours a week 
INTENSIVE $ 2,999 / 20 hours a week 
(Prices per person)


Fluency at a comfortable pace.
60 Days  $8,800 MXN (40 hours)
90 Days $12,000 MXN  (60 hours)

Sign-Up & Say Hello

Sign-up today! Classes are available year-round. Group classes start on the 2nd Monday of the month and private lessons can be scheduled at any time. If you have a group that's ready to study together, we'll happily accommodate your travel schedule. If you wish to reserve  we require a 1000 MXN deposit (not refundable). You can pay the remainder when you arrive via cash or credit card.  We can't wait to meet you! 

Travel Spanish

Aimed at maximizing short-term study sessions, we provide a targeted grammatical structure and the situational vocabulary you’ll need in order to pursue self-study on buses, trains or back home planning your return trip.

Fluency Focused

Created for 60-90 day study sessions, we begin with an intensive focus on the basics and slowly build toward a more conversational approach that increases comfort & fluency while providing a deeper level of cultural immersion.

Kids & Families

These are fun &interactive lessons sure to get your kids excited about language learning. Group lessons are a great way for them to make new friends and if mom and dad want to join in, we’ll happily provide a family focused learning environment.

Boulevard Benito Juárez, Rinconada 13-14,

C.P. 71980. Puerto Escondido Oaxaca.

01 954 103 9190