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At Calli, we make it our mission to reach out to our community. We offer English language and visual arts courses to children who would  like to expand their learning, build life-skills, and create opportunities for themselves in the future. Above all else, we value the ideas of unity in diversity and the future wellbeing of our children and community in Puerto Escondido.

If you share our passion for education and would like to support our school and efforts, please explore our Sponsorship & Donations page to see how you can get involved. On behalf of our students, Thank You!


If you don't have tangible materials to donate, but are interested in making a financial contribution to our school, we have a variety of categories available through which you can become a valued Sponsor.

Sponsorship Categories include:

  • Sponsor an individual student: gift the joy of education to child, by week, month, semester or year.

  • Sponsor a teacher: help us to increase our staff and available services to our students by committing to funding our staff.

  • Sponsor a program: are you particularly fond of Fine Arts or Sciences? Contribute to the expansion and development of a subject of your choosing.

  • Sponsor an age-group: Do you feel that education is especially important in early-childhood development, or perhaps you have a fondness for the expansive minds of pre-teens – contribute to the education of an entire group of community youth as they evolve together towards a bright futures.

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As we continue to expand our facilities and evolve our programs, we are honored to receive donations of a wide variety of material supplies, and of course, financial assistance.  Categories for material donations include: 

  • Children's’ books – fiction and non

  • Art supplies, from paints, brushes & canvases, to markers & pencil crayons, to modeling clay, fabrics, tie-dye, old magazines and any other fun things you've got.

  • Science & math education tools and materials such as textbooks, protractor sets, microscopes and calculators

  • Sports equipment

  • Digital tools such as functioning laptop computers, a wall-mountable flat screen TV, projector unit.

  •  Classroom furnishings such as bookshelves and collapsible tables

  • Class-room space, property or land for expansion and relocation of our facilities.

  • Promotional materials – assistance with production or discounted rates.

If there is something particular you have in mind, but don't see it here on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas. We are profoundly grateful for your support.

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