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Puerto Escondido has never been just a beach town.


The history of the region dates back millennia but the name Puerto Escondido itself is linked to the age of piracy. In 1579 Sir Francis Drake and his brothers John and Andrew were ducking Spanish patrols and looting the coast of Southern México. While anchored in the bays of Huatulco, Andrew kidnapped a beautiful young Mixteca girl named Josefa. He continued north until he reached our local shores. In the middle of the night Josefa slipped past her guards and leapt into the sea. Andrew ordered patrols to recapture her but all they found were footprints in the sand and the impassable jungle beyond. Months passed and Andrew continued sending patrols but to no avail. To him she was Josefa. To those he sent in search of her, she was La Escondida, the hidden one. 


Since those early days as a pirate hideout, La Bahia de la Escondida (later Puerto Escondido) has reinvented itself many times over; shipping port for coffee and black market gold, sleepy fishing village, international surf destination, and through it all, it has held tightly to its history and independent spirit.   

Study. Stay for awhile. Discover a new Puerto Escondido every day. 


Go to the Beach 

Puerto Escondido has eight beaches each with own unique vibe; hippy paradise, surfers dream, hidden bay, long empty stretches of white sand—whatever beach you dream about, Puerto has it. 


Eat Everything

Communities from sixteen of México’s twenty-one ethnic groups call Oaxaca home, each of which has a strong connection to the country’s pre-colonial past. Mole gets the headlines but dish-to-dish, the flavors you’ll find here can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


Support Local Artisans 

Oaxaca is famous for its textiles and handmade goods. Visit the open air markets, learn how to weave a hammock and uncover the history behind the vibrant and beautiful local crafts.   


Test your Sea Legs 

Marine tours are widely available. Just off shore, dolphins swim in massive schools, turtles float lazily, and if you get lucky, you might even see a grey whale migrating south. 


Explore the Lagoons 

The lagoons of Manialtepec, Chacahua and Ventanilla are home to iguanas, crocodiles and countless species of birds. Oh, and bioluminescence! On a clear night you can swim in the lagoon and watch the water light up around you. Don’t worry the crocs won’t be anywhere nearby. 


Release Baby Turtles 

Bacocho beach on the northern end of Puerto Escondido is an important breeding ground for sea turtles. In the evening you’ll have the opportunity to help the hatchlings scoot from sand to sea.

turtle release.jpg

Get Out of Town 

Waterfalls, hot springs, coffee plantations, Zapotec ruins; the coastal region of Oaxaca is diverse, beautiful and largely untouched by tourism. You’ll see.

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