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Calli Language School 

Immersive Learning. Lifelong Connections.

Language & Culture are inseparable. In México, Spanish isn’t just grammar and vocabulary, it’s community, history, memory—it’s the way the world sounds. We’ll help you discover that connection via lessons and excursions carefully designed to provide an immersive introduction to Puerto Escondido and the rich traditions of México’s coastal communities. Whether you are with us for a few days or a few months, it will be an unforgettable cultural experience.     


Education is our priority. Our multilingual teachers understand your needs because they are travelers & language learners too. They’ll evaluate, adapt and incorporate our philosophy that every cultural experience is an extension of the classroom. Whether you choose to explore Puerto Escondido on your own or via our La Vida! Immersion Programs, you’ll leave Calli feeling confident and excited about the bilingual road ahead. And you won’t be alone.  


Calli is a popular hub for locals and tourists alike—an easy place to make friends. You’ll find yourself taking a short walk down to Playa Carrizalillo (arguably the prettiest beach on México’s Pacific Coast) then coming back to sip locally grown coffee while practicing your Spanish with our little global community. You’ll feel at home here. Everyone does.


Si! It’s the easiest word you’ll learn. Sign-up today.


Certify your Spanish level with our IC exams.


Our mission is to provide an immersive learning environment that builds confidence, creates connections and inspires culturally-conscious travel.



Our highly qualified instructors focus on the individual needs and language goals of their students in order to build a framework for self-learning. We’ll listen. We’ll adapt. We’ll guide until you’re ready to guide yourself.  

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